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Do battle in a preoccupied and contentious world.

Your deliverables are a mile long, and your budget needs to grow. You may be new to a company and want to shake things up. Lean on our decades of experience and track record of success with global teams, regional powerhouses, and emerging market leaders.

We understand the need and the risk of adding a new agency to your already entrenched marketing stack.

Why is it so hard to gain buy-in of your investment strategy?

"The CEO has been working with BrandX agency forever, don't rock the boat."

"You can handle this in-house, right? That's why we hired you. So why bring in outside support?"

"Our current agency has offices in a dozen countries. So why do we need another?"

"Their work is good, but we don't have the time to vet and onboard a new vendor."

We’re sensitive to the obstacles you face.

Our experience guiding marketing teams on five of the seven continents taught us a few things about bringing people together and shepherding the process.

What we do

Our services

  • Brand strategy
  • Name and tagline
  • Logo and corporate identity
  • Marketing communications
  • Video production and photography
  • Website and social media

Everyone on our team is an expert

A track record of success for decades

Worldwide video production

Exclusive Brand Concierge service

How we work

How we work

The chemistry check. There is no need to memorize the periodic table, but a test is involved! So, before we commit to a substantial project, let’s see if our values, approach, and personalities align. As we get to know you and your business, we’ll share our capabilities, work samples, and proposal.


Align is the most impactful phase and how we kick off every new client relationship. We’ll examine your existing brand materials, establish roles and objectives, review your data, analyze your target audience, identify threats, and ask the tough questions.

Speaking of tough questions, what does victory look like? Is it a market share bump, employee productivity boost, or gaining rock star status at your next conference? That helps us solidify the scope of work, your expectations, and the best method to evaluate success.




Our creative team collaborates with your team from storyboarding to onboarding, whatever the project requires. With a laser-like focus on the outcome, we’ll introduce concepts that match the strategy and stretch your imagination for what’s possible.

Let’s delight, inspire and provide value to your audiences while driving adoption within your organization.


There is nothing simple about a beautifully simple solution. But that’s what great production is all about. Ensuring every touchpoint of your campaign is expertly crafted, on time, and on budget. Put the heavy lifting in our hands so you can focus on leading your organization.




As the numbers come in, we’ll learn things about the data. Are you hitting the mark? Should we fine-tune your messaging, outputs, or technology based on what the market tells us? Evaluation is an ongoing process that informs our strategy and keeps stakeholders happy.

Quinn Harrington: CEO and Chief Brand Concierge of Harrington Design Company

About Quinn Harrington

CEO & Chief Brand Concierge

Quinn and her team build brands people love for companies, including Transunion, Nielsen, Citi, ESPN, and the PGA TOUR. We solve complex marketing and communications problems through intelligent planning, on-point strategy, and world-class execution. Because our clients think globally, we do too. Our footprint is international. Through videos, design, marketing, and branded content, we help our clients reach their audience with the right message in the right channel and at the right time.

Harrington Design Company was established by Quinn Harrington in 2001. Her work spans design, photography, video production, branding, and communications. Her client roster includes Fortune 500 companies such as L’Oréal, PepsiCo, Tata, and Baptist Health Systems, leading professional services, travel and tourism, and non-profit organizations.

Before her current role, she was the Art Director for Jacksonville’s largest advertising agency. In this role, she was responsible for developing brand strategy, creating brand identities, designing advertising materials, producing collateral designs, and developing websites that defined the brand.

  • Former Vice-President of AIGA Jacksonville
  • Award-winning designer and director
  • Former Adjunct Professor, Florida State College
  • BA in Design and Advertising, Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida, 1996
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Event video

Pitch Perfect: Whether it’s a keynote video, a pitch deck to the CEO, or a play for new business, we’ll craft that experience.

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Ready to roll. So you have a new product that will disrupt the category. Packaging, marketing, and product videos that lead to awareness, adoption, and conversion.

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Internal comms

Positive. Culture. With empathy, consistency, and imagination, our internal comms videos and content will foster employee engagement.

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Brand makeover

Consumers expect more from brands today. That may demand a facelift, a new digital experience, or a makeover. Perform in the marketplace.

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HDco, a brand development agency created a digital marketing campaign for Supermodel and Sports Illustrated cover model Kim Alexis
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