Amelia Island Tourist Development Council

ClientAmelia Island Tourist Development Council
ProjectAmelia nature brochure, website and video

Have you heard of Amelia Island? It’s a hidden treasure located on the northeast coast of Florida. It’s a popular tourist destination well-known for its golf courses, beaches, and historic Fernandina Beach. The island is brimming with natural beauty, and the TDC saw an opportunity to attract more ecotourism dollars.

To make this happen, HDco took charge of the project’s strategy, design, and production. They devised an approach that would showcase all the activities available to the island’s visitors, along with custom illustrations and descriptions of the wildlife. The brochure was beautifully designed, and the paper and printing techniques used resulted in an award-winning brochure that was even featured in a national publication. A companion website was created as part of a digital marketing campaign, which mirrored the design of the brochure. This website increased visitors to the island and benefitted dozens of ecotourism businesses on the island.

The final component of the campaign was a video showcasing Egan’s Greenway, a well-known location for birdwatching. The video was a great way to capture the island’s natural beauty and encourage more people to visit.