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When Community First Credit Union hired HDco to design five new credit cards, I was eager to produce a signature piece from start to finish. I had experience designing credit cards for Capital One, but taking one through production was a new experience. After bringing on Florence Haridan, who as a former SVP for Citi...
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As a branding agency owner, I have been asked by dozens of friends either working for or with not-for-profit organizations to help with their marketing. At first, frankly, I was flattered that someone would want my work to grace their organization’s letterhead or website or business card or event poster or invitation or.....I’m sure you...
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I’ve started reading Debbie Millman’s latest book, “How To Think Like A Great Graphic Designer.” The premise is a series of interviews with iconic designers like Milton Glaser and Lucille Tenazas. I thought it might be interesting to chronicle my thoughts after reading each interview. The first is Michael Beirut. I’ve always liked Michael. We...
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Self-Promotion. New Business Development. Not unlike the “War On Terror,” the effort to promote oneself and generate new biz is never ending. It’s a constant struggle because it touches so many aspects of your firm. Positioning, differentiation, product offering, what to charge, it all affects your success or lack there of. AIGA has assembled some...
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For a company that invented itself on making the perfect copy, Xerox has outdone itself with this new logo. I think we all remember the AT&T redesign, with their implementation of the “swirly globe” look that has been synonymous with everything from high-tech companies to Church logos. Just visit (membership required) and you’ll see...
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JEA has released a new RFP and several local agencies are participating. Yeah! I’m certain said agencies are preparing a lavish reception for Mary Fisher, Jan Korb, Tony Allegretti, Alison Blackstone and yours truly. After all it’s these fine rabble-rousers that got them a second chance. Tom or Jim, In case you’re looking for thank...
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TU and I were never the best of friends, but I had hoped we could patch things up after the whole “beware of the 26” thing. Kids, the Times-Union has turned on us. They’ve recently launched their own little agency called Blue Bridge Media. Apparently this gal still reads the newspaper and noticed the full...
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JEA just released a meeting agenda for Thursday, September 13. Item #3 reads: “JEA IFB# JEV-078-07 Request approval to rescind the solicitation and reject all bids for the Integrated Brand Communications Services Project.” JEA takes a jab from the left, Mary ducks and swerves. Ding, Ding, rooouuunnnd #1 goes to Mary! Props to Jan Korb...
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Design. Short. Sweet. A website built because the internet wasn’t made for long prose and you know you’re supposed to be working anyway. Design Opinions at 200 words or less. A Brief Message Brought to us by Khoi Vinh, the design director behind and, featuring the design opinions of design luminaries such as...
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I was sorting through the blogroll and came across this “open letter” to Palm. Their astute observation about Palm’s impending demise is riveting. Apparently the Treo is seriously up against the ropes. iPhone, HTC and Moto and others are throwing a “blanket party”. The Engadget boys have provided an exceptional critique of what’s wrong (and...
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