Flagler College Roar & Raise 2024: HDco $1000 Challenge Match

Roar and Raise, Flagler College’s annual fundraising campaign, kicks off this April 3-4, 2024.
My program, Fifties for Flagler, offers a matching campaign up to $1000. I’m aiming to gather 20 friends who can contribute $50 each or any combination of $50. ($100, $250, etc). Your generous donations will directly support the Visual & Performing Arts Fund for Excellence.
  • I’m a Flagler Alumni Class of ‘96, now serving on the Visual & Performing Arts Board.
  • Flagler was instrumental in my career, and my experience was life-changing.
  • Flagler is one of the top design programs in the Southeast and feeds the pipeline of employment-ready designers.
  • Our diverse body of students are avid participants in professional organizations like AIGA.
One particular program the Fund supports is the Spirit Lives On through Memorial Scholarship, in honor of Ashley Sellers, class of ’20. Ashley was a rising star in the graphic design world before her life was tragically cut short in a car accident. You can read her story here. (grab the tissues!)
For every $50 you donate, or any combination of $50 ($100, $250, $500), you’ll support students like Ashley and many others, and HDco will generously match your donation up to $1000.
My campaign is under Challenges on the left. Scroll to Quinn Harrington and click the Give Now button.
Every little bit helps, and I thank you for your contribution.

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