The 26 have spoken. But you ain’t heard nothin’ yet.

TU and I were never the best of friends, but I had hoped we could patch things up after the whole “beware of the 26” thing.

Kids, the Times-Union has turned on us. They’ve recently launched their own little agency called Blue Bridge Media. Apparently this gal still reads the newspaper and noticed the full page ad for a Sweepstakes! Enter to win a free logo, ad campaign and marketing plan. Wow! That’s better than a vacation to Hawaii.

Being the ever-nosy person I visited their site and was quite stunned at the first sentence.

“Any agency can give you catchy phrases, but BlueBridge has the skills and expertise to create an entire campaign or a simple project to capture your target audience with a pool of resources to bring you and your customers together.” Awesome dude.

I love me some catchy phrases. Especially ones like “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.” Apparently, they’ve already snaked one job from the JEA slayer. How long will it be before they alienate the other agencies in town, the last bastion of hope for a slumping industry.

FYI, is misspelled on the contact page. While your at it, run a spell check on that 5 page wonder.

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10 Responses
  1. Jan

    “How would the experience of a Marketing Makeover effect your business?”

    Personally, I wonder how it would AFFECT their business. But let’s not get bogged down in the details.

  2. Anonymous

    What a great site! I love the broad bullet points.

    The only research they do is find the target market? Wow they have it easy!

    The only things creative are the in-house designers, however this does not refer to the work they create as being creative, only that perhaps they can be creative sandwich makers. (Subway sandwich school of art perhaps)

    They actually had a meeting about not putting “newspaper” first in the print section. (you know its true)

    They are only accurate at placing ads. Ok.

    I really could keep going.

  3. J. Douglas

    Ok. So there is no spell check for the labels field. I finally got around to correcting “rediculous items” after Mr. Misspellings comment above.

    Being a Designer is synonymous with pathetic spelling skills. The better the Designer, the worse his or her spelling is. I rarely let a typo slip through so hmmmm…wait a minute.

    I bet Akeelah couldn’t name a font to save her life, although I’m certain she would have no problem with sounding out h-e-l-v-e-t-i-c-a n-e-u-e.

    So to be certain the commenter was correct, I did a Google Search for “rediculous items” and whadaya know, I’m ranked #1 for this hotly sought after keyword.

    See for yourself:

  4. Karen

    Not trying to be a smartass, but did you mean to misspell “you’re” in your last sentence? you must be a better designer than you give yourself credit for! hahaha

    Oh by the way, when are you going to comment on the new First Coast News logo and graphics? I swear I almost had a seizure when I watched one of their stories the other night.

  5. J. Douglas

    Are you kidding? I love smartasses. I haven’t seen FCN’s new look.

    Ok. just went to their Web site and you can see a little clip there. Put on a pair of 3-D glasses and hold on!

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