For a company that invented itself on making the perfect copy, Xerox has outdone itself with this new logo. I think we all remember the AT&T redesign, with their implementation of the “swirly globe” look that has been synonymous with everything from high-tech companies to Church logos. Just visit (membership required) and you’ll see thousands of similar executions.

I often wonder how talented and creative Designers are reduced to “My secretary likes the AT&T logo. Can’t we put our X there and make it red?” (Nothing against Secretaries) I know what you’re thinking…haven’t you ever had to compromise? Design something you weren’t proud of? Yes, but I wouldn’t crow about it.

Quoted from the Times: Maryann J. Stump, senior director of brand strategy for Interbrand says. “And you can do animation with a symbol that you just can’t do with a wordmark.” Brilliant.

We can make it spin, catch on fire, anything you like Mr. Xerox, so long as your check clears the bank…She can’t possibly be serious.

My explanation would be something like, “The client had a strong vision for the redesign of this Identity and was very hands on with the design implemetation. After a thorough evaluation of over hundreds of options, the client’s in-house committee felt this direction best represented the interests of the company.”

Gotta run. I’ve got to go xerox a logo by tomorrow morning.

Xerox Hopes Its New Logo Doesn’t Say ‘Copier’ – New York Times

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5 Responses
  1. Russel

    I was just talking to a couple people about the logo last night. I personally don’t think it’s the greatest solution, and it always stings when a classic logo gets redone (i.e. AT&T, UPS, etc.) but it hurts more when it follows a trend. Unless the brand has a negative association, why make such a drastic change? …I guess sometimes you just have to do what the clients says.

  2. Anonymous

    Check off one more company joining the crappy logo club.
    I guess when you end up with a logo like that, setting it on fire seems like the best thing to do.

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