VeDA (Vestibular Disorder Association)

ClientVeDA (Vestibular Disorder Association)
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VeDA, the Vestibular Disorder Association, has provided support for over 35 years to individuals impacted by vestibular (inner-ear and brain balance) disorders. Their website has been accessed over 18 million times since 2012, and they are there to help on the journey towards recovery.

They offer education, emotional support, and answers to questions for those suffering from vertigo, dizziness, imbalance, and other symptoms associated with vestibular dysfunction. Through their provider directory, they can connect people with specialists specializing in diagnosing and treating vestibular disorders.

VeDA advocates for those impacted by vestibular disorders to raise awareness and improve healthcare outcomes.

HDco produced the inspiring story of NHL all-star Bryce Salvador, who suffered a life-changing injury during the peak of his career. In collaboration with a Neuroscientist from The University of Miami and two athletes, HDco created a video series to raise awareness about vestibular disorders and their unexpected consequences.

This passion project has generated funds and awareness for sports concussions, leading to changes in policies for high school, college, and professional sports.