TLC Total Lawn Care

ClientTLC Total Lawn Care
ProjectLogo, corporate identity, website, advertising, direct mail, vehicle design, digital marketing

TLC Total Lawn Care is a well-respected commercial landscaping and residential design company in Northeast Florida with over 40 years of experience. About 20 years ago, the founder and CEO, Bob Hawkinson, hired HDco to update the brand’s logo and corporate identity system. Furthermore, HDco designed signage and graphics for TLC’s fleet of vehicles, and an advertising and direct mail campaign was created to increase leads.

TLC’s website and search engine optimization are essential to the company’s success. Despite the highly competitive field, TLC ranks first on Google for various key search terms, which is an impressive feat.

Bob Hawkinson identified an opportunity to expand the business into residential landscape design. However, the company website was tailored exclusively to commercial clients. HDco revamped the website’s design to appeal to commercial and residential clients. As a result, TLC now receives an average of 20 qualified leads per month and has a client base of over 200.

Bob has collaborated with HDco to market various products, packaging, websites, and digital strategies for his businesses, which include Weed Recede, The Fresh Mulch Company, and Recede Bioplastics, in addition to his landscaping company.