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“I LOVE LOVE LOVE the energy of this video. You somehow manage to do what our internal video team cannot. Thank you for nailing this.”

The challenge: NielsenIQ is the world’s leading consumer intelligence company, measuring more channels, consumers, and countries than ever before to deliver the industry’s most understandable and actionable insights. In 2020, Nielsen Global Media sold its CPG business unit and rebranded it as NIQ. 

How we solved it: As part of their annual c360 conference, NIQ requested our help creating their first keynote video. Our bold approach and energizing video impressed the audience and set NIQ apart from Nielsen Global Media. Following this success, NIQ asked us to produce videos explaining their complex B2B SaaS products to marketing and technology executives. We have since created keynote videos for top NIQ executives at major conferences and senior leadership meetings.

The outcome: NielsenIQ is growing by leaps and bounds and has recently required GFK, cementing NIQ’s leadership position.