Malcolm Anthony

ClientAttorney Malcolm Anthony
ProjectLogo, corporate identity, website design & marketing

Meet Malcolm Anthony, Jacksonville’s renowned criminal defense attorney. Despite his successful track record, Malcolm was looking for ways to attract more clients and increase his retainer fees. To achieve this goal, he partnered with HDco to give his brand a complete makeover. This included revamping his logo, corporate identity, website, and advertising strategies.

To appeal to the coastal community, we came up with the slogan “The Beaches Lawyer” and introduced specialty items like coozies and coasters in bars and restaurants, setting Malcolm’s firm apart from the rest. We also created educational videos to help potential clients avoid common pitfalls and mistakes that occur when interacting with law enforcement.

Thanks to our efforts, Malcolm’s business flourished, and he eventually had to move to a larger office in Ponte Vedra, Florida, where he continues to provide exceptional legal services.