Longleaf Mitigation

ClientLongleaf Mitigation
ProjectLogo, corporate identity, stationery, and brochure

Longleaf Mitigation is a company that strives to create exceptional financial value while being a responsible environmental steward. Established in 1990, they specialize in acquiring and developing wetlands, streams, and species banks throughout the United States. They are committed to preserving and restoring ecosystems vital to the environment. Harrington Design Company, a digital marketing agency located in Jacksonville, FL, played an essential role in developing Longleaf Mitigation’s corporate identity, business stationery, brochure, and web design. Thanks to their efforts, Longleaf Mitigation has a professional and cohesive brand image that reflects their commitment to environmental stewardship.

After the brand’s successful launch, HDco was retained to create a new brand for the owners consulting company, The Middlebrook Companies. HDco created a logo, stationery, brochure, and website, establishing the company’s reputation and improving brand awareness in the region.