Leah Powell Photography

ClientLeah Powell Photography
ProjectLogo, corporate identity, stationery, brochure, and website

Leah Powell Photography is a wedding photography business located in Jacksonville, Florida. Leah’s photography style is natural and photojournalistic, focusing on capturing the genuine emotions of each couple she works with.

Our client needed to differentiate herself in the saturated wedding photography market. With an impressive portfolio of excellent work, the project seemed simple. However, there was a problem. “RLPD photography” was a cumbersome name that didn’t convey the elegance and sophistication of her work. Our solution was somewhat unconventional. We suggested that she change her professional name from Rhonda Dubose to Leah Powell, her middle name. The client agreed, and she is now known as Leah Powell.

In terms of design, we wanted to avoid a generic, scripty logo that other wedding photographers used. Leah’s unique journalistic style inspired us to create a logo and stationery that reflected her style. Our brochure design featured a translucent envelope to create a soft, sophisticated look. Her exceptional portfolio was prominently displayed on her companion website. Our advertising campaign generated a buzz in the market and soon became the standard other wedding photographers copied. Leah enjoyed a thriving photography business until her retirement.