American Institute Of Architects (AIA)

ClientAmerican Institute of Architects (AIA)

The AIA Jacksonville is a branch of The American Institute of Architects (AIA) that serves and represents AIA-Florida members in Nassau, St. Johns, Clay, and Duval counties. In these counties, over 400 architects, associates, and allied design professionals are represented and served by AIA Jacksonville. We are a local membership organization incorporated as a 501(c)6 non-profit corporation and abides by Florida State laws.

AIA’s annual fundraiser, the Beaux Arts Ball, required an invitation that would entice busy architects. Our team created a foldout poster that featured an original illustration by Quinn Harrington. The AIA members received the invitation well, and the event generated a significant amount of funds for its cause.

One of our designers met a charming architect while attending the event. They began dating and eventually got married. It was an unexpected success!