With Facebook, Twitter and other SM it seems the good old-fashioned blog is passe. It’s been almost 6 months since I wrote anything…

So much has happened since then. We’ve landed a major project with a healthcare system, almost officially launched our ArtShare program and my website photography, invite and announcement biz, www.ilyweddings.com.

ArtShare is probably my most exciting venture. We’ve partnered with Art With a Heart to help completely rebrand their organization. Our brand strategy phase is completed and it’s time to start developing collateral materials. Local Jacksonville designers have already stepped up to the plate to help with print materials and posters.

In January, the Cultural Council and Downtown Vision approached ArtShare with a unique project. They are launching Off the Grid, a program that fills vacant downtown spaces with budding art studios. We connected Kelly Young and David Lee to develop the corporate identity and invite materials. Look forward to official unveiling on March 18.

I’m planning a bridal fashion shoot in March at Walker’s Wine Bar. Very exciting.

Tata for now!

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