One Day in Spain is my latest limited edition series. While in Barcelona, I couldn’t help but do some street photography and capture these images. I’ve looked at them over the years and even created a book, but I never really finished them. There are many more images, but I’m excited to release this print.

One Day In Spain - Quinn Harrington

These photos together really inspire me. Seeing the youth in the first shot, the maturity in the second shot, and the wisdom in the third caught me off guard. The play on the greens and warm tones is not something I was drawn to at first, but they seemed to work, and then I noticed how the photos naturally flow together.

I’m most intrigued by the subtle details. In the background of the first image, you can see the word “Chaos” scribed in graffiti. And I love the silhouette of the young person at the fountain.

Reflections in the glass bring in type elements. The young woman’s leggings match the tiled wall, which I love from a fashion perspective. It’s just happenstance.

Mirroring each other, the first and third photos add to the story, which wasn’t initially planned.

What excites me is the size of this photo, 38 inches by 17 inches at 300 DPI, which means this can quickly scale to 6 1/2 feet. I ordered a test print on archival watercolor paper and loved it. The texture is just fantastic.

I’d love to print this full-size, but I don’t have room for a print that big. As a Designer, I think this would be an excellent addition to a loft or commercial office. Your wall art is produced at Whitewall, based out of Germany, offering museum-quality prints, framing, and substrates. Your print will be shipped directly to your home or office in about two weeks. Let’s get creative!

Giclee prints start at $150.

If you are interested in ordering a limited edition print, email

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