Corporate Explainer Video Jacksonville, Fl
 HDco partnered with Pivotstream, a division of TABS Analytics, to create a corporate explainer video for their groundbreaking product QuickTABS Connect. This sophisticated candy analytics software was created through the Nielsen Connected Partner program and provides web-based insights for Candy Manufacturers and Suppliers. We partnered with Courtney Ramirez, a Marketing Director at Nielsen US...
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This past Friday Harrington Design picked up 3 Laurel Awards. Best web site, best print ad and this is a real shocker, best TV commercial. (Thanks Spark!) Awards are fine and good, I assume you all have some bling laying around the office too. What’s really awesome is the reaction of our client, Rocky Morris...
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I almost spewed (my beer) when I heard this commercial. I’m not sure even Elvis can ressurect this dieing brand. but this commercial is worth a look. I just hope my kids don’t start singing the jingle (without even knowing what it means).
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