This morning I’ve decided I’ve had enough with the news and facebook and am going to find a new way to start my day that does not feeding my soul and spirit with that stuff. This is drastic because I am a news junkie and want to know what is going on in the world. But when I turn on the news or open my facebook app, all I hear is people yelling at each other and saying terrible things about their friends and neighbors.

Some attempt to rise above the fray, asking for civility, but there is the inevitable “I see your point about being kind to people, but those people are worthless irredeemable pond scum…and so on” So that doesn’t work.

The only solution for me is to redirect my energy elsewhere. Don’t turn on the news, resist the urge to check social media, at least until lunch, lol. Maybe I should find a CD with positive affirmations or create a mix tape of music that inspires me. There has got to be a better way. Open to your ideas!

Here are a few links that I found:

10 Positive Ways to Start Your Day


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