What Design Can do for you.

We hope you enjoy the latest version of our Web blog, Design Can. We renamed and repurposed this blog to better define the context of the conversation. What Design Can do.

Design Can do many things. Inspire, persuade, improve and generally make living a more pleasant experience. It can also help transform the way we work and live, if we’re open to it. The purpose of Harrington Design, is to transform businesses by tapping the power of Design.

We look forward to starting a conversation about Design and how it has impacted your life. This forum is here for you to share your thoughts and ideas about Design and to post other content of interest related to Design.

Happy blogging,

Jeff Harrington
Design Director

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  1. Anonymous

    You Go! Design can do great things. For me design is as a powerful a force as money, often times even more powerful. Design is the manifestation of thought. It inspires, moves, evolves… thinking, actions, hearts.

    It has done all of that to my life and more. Design can create energy. Design can make things happen. Within the conscious and subconscious, Within the physical and the metaphysical. Within the hear and the mind.

    Design can do anything!!

    Florence Haridan

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