Adobe has launched a great new tool for color scheme creation. It’s called Kuler. I’m waiting for it load now. Ok. Still loading….

Ok. I have to sign in, hold on. Never mind. Here we go.

You can select other users color palettes based on popularity, highest rated (not sure the difference here) or create your own using a fairly intuitive interface. Depending on your color, you can pick from RGB, CMYK of HEX numbers. Then email it to your friend, client or spouse for approval.

I can see myself playing with this for quite a while.

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  1. Lisa C

    I liked it when you first sent me the link, and I continue to like it more every time I try it. I used it to pick some colors for a tear sheet — they wanted neutrals, and I’m more comfortable with bright colors — it’s hard to find neutral colors that don’t resemble unpleasant things. I know the trick is in the combination, but always struggled to get it right. This makes it easy.

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