A new aquaintance dropped by yesterday with a little aluminum case and inside were three trays of little bottles of liquid reminiscint of magic potions from the bygone era of traveling salesmen. Inside each bottle was a surprise. Pink bubblegum, fresh cut grass and Ocean Stream were a few of these amazing scents that Muzak, a world leader in audio branding, has begun to install in your favorite restaurants, hotels and retail establishments.

I became interested in scent branding earlier this year after my first stay in a Westin Hotel. They have a branded scent called White Tea that Muzak pumps throughout the facility. You could walk me in blindfolded and I would know immediately where I’ve arrived. So Ken Dean, my Muzak rep, explained how they will install a unit that atomizes one of 1500 oil-based scents at certain times and certain amounts, insuring that your scent is never too overpowering or wears out.

Here’s what Fast Company has to say.
“While vision is unquestionably our most powerful sense, when it comes to garnering an emotional response, scent is a much more powerful trigger. “Seventy-five percent of the emotions we generate on a daily basis are affected by smell,” says Lindstroem. “Next to sight, it’s the most important sense we have.”

Here’s one more way to craft the brand experience a customer has when they walk through door. The price you ask? For most clients it’s under a $100 a month.

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  1. Anonymous


    CafeScribe is also sending scratch- and-sniff stickers that smell like, well… a book, with every digital book order. I think I will light my spiced pumpkin candle now.

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