Content Is King

Content is king on the Internet… it always will be. This is because the Internet is the largest source of information known to man, and most people on the net are searching though this mass of information for a specific topic or product. Enter Search Engines, such as Yahoo and Google, who try to match searchers with good, relevant content.

The information on a website is its content. In most cases, the more interesting and entertaining the content of a website is, the more successful the site will be. When users find the content on a site useful, they will come back for more, especially when that information is frequently updated. Search engines, who ultimately serve internet surfers, assign the same level of importance to a site’s content.

Here are some tips an insights to keep in mind when developing your site content:

Keep It READABLE – Don’t sacrifice the quality and readability of your content to serve search engines. The ultimate goal of your search engine marketing is to drive web store sales, which won’t happen if your content is clunky as a result of over-optimization. Your site shouldn’t have volumes of technical jargon, but rather text that expresses voice and personality. The content needs to be easy to read, easy to understand, and not so lengthy that it’s intimidating.

Keep It RICH – Consider adding content that your visitors might find helpful. A flower store, for example, might want to include content about how to keep flowers fresh, helps match flowers with occasions – red for love, white for sympathy, etc. This content appeals to shoppers, encourages repeat visits, and is attractive to search engines.

Keep It FRESH – Web site content needs to be updated regularly. Doing this helps attain high search engine rankings, and also makes sure that returning visitors don’t get bored with your site and go elsewhere.

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