Score one for alternative media and TPC Las Vegas

What’s a golf trip have to do with Design? Well, it’s more about Guerilla Marketing. Since we’ve been retained by the TPC to manage their site we’ve been helping them increase their web cred via Pay-per-click and SEO. By chance we stumbled across some golfers going to PubCon in Las Vegas around the same time TPC Canyons rebranded itself as TPC Las Vegas. So Stef, Jeff Hinds and I decided that the Blogarrazi deserved the same royal treatment other members of the media get. The result was a great day for the Blog/SEO community and a very nice review. So all you fledging bloggers hoping to make it out there, hang in there. Membership has it’s rewards.

TPC Las Vegas: All About “The Hang” Scoreboard Media Group

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