Part 2 – Great minds think alike. Or do they?

Second interview with Carin Goldberg.

Having never heard of Carin Goldberg, I looked her up on the internet and recognized her work. She’s designed books, records and magazines mostly and I recognized the famous Madonna album. In the interview, Carin and 2 other prominent Designers were chastised by the late Tilbor Kalman for “pillaging” historical pieces. Today that’s all too common and I’m probably guilty myself.

I remember early in my design career, we were taught about the greats of the past like Neville Brody and Paul Rand and were encouraged to study them and emulate their work, but never outright copying them.

And then something happened that changed the way many Designers work. Let’s call it “The Internet.” Having reviewed hundreds of portfolios in my career, it’s more likely to see knock-offs than original ideas. Add to that stock layouts, stock logos and the like and well, pillaging is probably the right word.

As for the Schtick, I think it’s great that Designers are evolving from production artists to the true consultants that we are. If that means we join the ranks of other professionals in the Marketing field with books, speaking engagements and so forth, then so be it. How else are we going to educate the design masses about the true greats like Carin Goldberg?

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