Open note to Evernote. Hanging by a thread.

View image detailDear Evernote:

I’ve become dependent on Web 2.0 and its fancy apps are managing more and more of my content and communication. Both business and personal.

I’m having a real battle with Twitter right now. Apparently Twitter has become so popular it can no longer handle the pressure. It’s understandable and forgivable. It’s only social networking.

However you, Evernote, manage much more important stuff for me like passwords and my spur of the moment inspirations. If you go down like the bluebird, I will totally come strangle you with a network cord.

So keep doing a good job and stay reliable! With an elephant as a mascot, it’s tempting to go big. But don’t grow too big too fast. K? We need you around for the long haul. (Pun intended) 😉

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