Netflix’s biggest threat? No, it’s not Blockbuster, OnDemand, or AppleTV. The biggest threat to Netflix is… USPS and their potential cut of mail service down to five days a week. After I got over my initial shock (because how is such a thing even possible?), I thought ‘OMG! How am I going to get my Netflix on Saturdays?’ And eventually, that will occur to other Netflix customers, too. After a while, even unlimited streaming of older, less-in-demand movies can’t compensate. Is this a drop in perceived value? If DVDs don’t arrive when we want to watch them most, will we protest for lower rates or leave all together? This is where design, strategy, and national security are the most difficult — a failure of imagination. I hope Netflix has more imaginative minds than me, and can find a way to continue their high level of customer satisfaction.

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