How to mount a Small Business Server drive from Mac 10.4

I’m definitely no tech wiz and this isn’t a tech blog, but I just figured out how to mount our file sharing drive to mac running 10.4. We have previously been an all Windows network and are currently transitioning to the Mac.

I have a G4 running 10.4 and as we all know, Samba doesn’t work well in 10.4. The error is fixed in 10.5, but this G4 is too slow to run 10.5. Tried connecting via “Go to Server” with this address…smb://mynetworkaddress.local/volumename and I get the dreaded Error -36.

Well kids, it occured to me (after several weeks) to try the internal IP address. smb://192.168.X.X (the Xs are your numbers) and voila. I get a prompt to enter the server name, username and password, which I did and it mounted.

That’s right. You got mounted.

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  1. Andrew

    10.4’s handling of the network was always the bane of Mac OS X for me. I recently moved our office all over the 10.5 and set up a new XServe and things couldn’t be better.

    One thing I set up for everyone at our office was an alias to the shared network drive(s) so that they can double click it and if you saved the user/password in the keychain it would automatically mount without needing to use the connect to server command.

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