How does the MacBook Pro stack up against Windows?

As a designer, I think Macs and Windows both do a good job with audio/video/photo editing. They run the same software and the interface for the programs is basically the same.
It’s the Microsoft Office integration that has always dogged the Mac. Let’s face it. There is nothing on the Mac comparable to Outlook with Exchange server.
No one I know is comparing the sophistication of a Mac to a Dell. That’s like comparing Neiman Marcus to Wal-Mart. When you stack up a Mac against one of the high-end Sony Vaio laptops, especially the new carbon-fiber model with Blu-Ray, then the Mac begins to look a lot more pedestrian.

The author of this Business Week article begs to differ:
More Vroom For The Buck

Now, no one an accused me of being biased.

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