Harrington Design Arts Alliance

There are many organizations that bolster and support the arts, but who is there to support said organizations? Often lack of resources (time, money, staff) cause really great work to go unnoticed. Emerging artists and designers laden with talent don’t often have the business acumen to develop a name and reputation for themselves. They need mentors and coaches. There are so many issues that affect the art and design community at large and although one more advocacy group is not going to change the world, we should not neglect our circle of influence.

October marks the fith anniversary of Harrington Design Company. And the launch of Harrington Design Arts Alliance.

Harrington Design Arts Alliance

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2 Responses
  1. Lisa C

    I think the event was a success — I certainly enjoyed myself. I hope you felt the love. 🙂

    And I’ll buy a poster next time I’m in your office.

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