Folio Weekly wants you to deface their outdoor news stands

Posted in Folio Weekly:

Folio Weekly is known for exposing the unsightly underbelly of Northeast Florida political life, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to look good on the outside.

Folio Weekly is currently seeking 10 creative (and local) visual artists to beautify, deface or otherwise adorn some of our outdoor newspaper racks.

The racks will be displayed at the September Art Walk in downtown Jacksonville, as well as at distribution points throughout Northeast Florida for at least a year. Participating artists will also be profiled in our September 16 Fall Arts Preview issue.

Those interested in participating must submit a rough sketch of their design, using our official template, by July 30. Templates may be downloaded at and must be either e-mailed as a JPEG file to or snail-mailed to Folio Weekly Coverup, 9456 Philips Highway, Suite 11, Jacksonville, Florida 32256.

So get sketchin’. We’re ready for out extreme makeover.

(Also, see Urban Jacksonville’s interview with the creator of this project here.)

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