Flex primer for Flash users

Flex, baby, flex baby one, two.

So what’s this Flex thing Adobe keeps talking about? Well, we found out real fast when a prominent client announced their Rich Media was going to be based on Flex. So we made a mad scramble to find a developer who was versed in this new framework.

Some of you may remember that 3 0r 4 years ago I predicted Adobe InDesign would take over Quark. I adopted InDesign 2.0 and never went back.
There is a battle brewing. CSS based AJAX enabled pages with an ASP.net 2.0 framework (LAMP and ROR are also good alternatives) and Rich Media applications built on Flash/Flex.

I’m making a similar prediction now. Adobe has been Flexing it’s own muscles making this application more robust and integrated with Flash. I’m convinced Flex is going to be a major player in the industry within a year. Developers, you better get up-to-speed on this one.

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