One of our clients, Engle Homes, asked us to kick up their Web presence a notch. We are helping them with a new campaign, Choose 2 for free. So we dug up an idea from about a year ago, of adding some Flash Video. Rocky, our main client contact, has a lot of experience with public speaking. So we rented a video camera from our good friend Paul Figura and set up a ghetto-style studio in the vacant office next door.

Add a little help from Adobe Premier and Flash and voila, Rocky walks on screen announcing the big sale. It’s certainly not a first for the web, but it’s definitely a first for us. Too fun. Anyhow, check it our for yourself.

And while your at it, why not buy a house or too.

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  1. Anonymous

    Nice! Great job on that! The only thing that bothers me is when he just disappears at the end rather than walking off or leaving a still image.
    However thats not something most people will notice and it is still a great attention getter.

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