Today I received the email blast from AIGA asking me, as a ‘design leader,’ to fill out this quarter’s survey for the Confidence Index. I did not have very confident answers. At the end, the survey redirects the user to the AIGA Design Leaders Confidence Index. Turns out, design leaders have been rather un-confident since the last quarter: October 2007 was an all-time low (86.66 out of 100) since AIGA started the index in April 2005.

First, I started thinking about how bad the January 2008 numbers would be when they’re finally posted (approximately February 1), and what my threshold would be before I started considering a different career. Then, I remembered my ‘naive’ question when I first joined a women’s investment club in 2000 (right before the last recession): doesn’t a recession only happen because everyone panics, and if everyone remained calm, wouldn’t the recession be avoided? Then, I had a great idea for an analogy between the markets and the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, but someone beat me to it: the Hitchhiker’s Guide to Markets.

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4 Responses
  1. Florence

    Love this post!! I am so with ya!! This place of confidence is such a choice, a state of mind that can be chosen.

    As a designer deep within my soul, I am continually moving towards some idea of perfection. Each and every day we are refining, evolving, concepts, products..etc. Has it given us a sense os never being satisfied?

    This ever present voice that says, it can be better?How has that poisoned our sense of satisfaction with ourselves, our work, our relationships?

    How do we know when we need to sit back in appreciation for what we have created and be in awe of the results of our hearts and minds engaging has created.

    I know for myself, that each day I choose to strive for the highest levels of quality and I am also aware of knowing when to stop and appreciate and be grateful the the gift of creativity.

  2. J. Douglas

    It occurred to me that my back up plan is also tied to the housing market which is an a free-fall.

    How many words a minute would I have to type?

  3. Lisa C

    …whereas my back-up plan is tied to crime, divorce, and even foreclosures, all of which are booming, baby!

    (To answer your question: To get into court recorders’ school, you have to start at 35 wpm, but have to be up to 225 wpm by the time you get certified.)

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