Cultural Council honors Harrington Design for pro-bono work

Yesterday at the Cultural Council Luncheon, Harrington Design Company received the Arts Award for the Small Business category. I was truly humbled by the experience. I mean, we’ve done a lot for the arts community, but standing next to Jerald Pietan, a radiologist at the Mayo Clinic and Michael Boylan, president and CEO of WJCT Public Broadcasting. Come on!

Special thanks to Stacy Aubrey of Riverside Fine Arts for the nomination. I imagine it was a lot of hard work convincing esteemed selection committee that we are worthy. Most of you know the real hero of the story is Chris Salvador, the Designer behind 90% of the RFA work, and Stephanie Corwin, his spotter.

The full TU article

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2 Responses
  1. Stephanie Corwin

    Yea! Reciprocal linkage. Love it.
    The luncheon was awesome. I’m so proud to be associated with you.

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