5 ways to improve your emails

Start with better email titles.

  1. Good titles make searching for and finding emails easier.
  2. Titles should be informative, not pithy.
  3. Be sure to include the client, project, date and version.
  4. If there are immediate action items, state them in the subject.
  5. Try to avoid starting a new email thread. It’s okay to hit reply and just change or update the subject of an email.

Examples of bad titles. These titles don’t tell us anything about the subject, date, priority or action item.

You won’t believe this! 🙁

Video updates

This is too funny.

RE: john.smith@abcdcompany.com has sent you a file

Here is a good title. Tells me everything I need to know without opening the email.

GLM 2013 Hong Kong update: Client has 3 revisions due by EOD today (Jan 4) – gulp!

Little changes like this go a long way towards improving clarity and response in our business communications.

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